Using Premsyn to conquer PMS

Premsyn PMSPremsyn PMS is a formula variation of the popular pain medication Midol,specifically formulated for PMS treatment. Premsyn PMS is also marketed as Pamprin Multi-Symptom. Midol PMS is available in caplets and gelcaps. Pamprin comes in caplet and tablet form. Premsyn PMS is formulated in caplets only. Premsyn PMS caplets contain acetaminophen, Pamabrom and Pyrilamine maleate. The dosage of ingredients is the maximum allowed for non-prescription medication, so Premsyn PMS packs quite a punch at PMS pains and aches.

Premsyn PMS is a maximum strength over-the counter medication for the relief not just of pain and cramps, but of other, associated PMS symptoms including tension, irritability, bloating, fluid retention and weight gain. In this regard, Premsyn PMS may be a more useful weapon to have in the bathroom cabinet during PMS than standard over the counter pain relief medication.

Premsyn PMS should be taken at the first sign of premenstrual discomfort according to the manufacturer's instructions (generally 2 caplets with water every 4-6 hours). Premsyn PMS can be taken throughout the menstrual cycle for the relief of period pain headaches and cramps as well as for the relief of PMS symptoms. A fully stocked box of PremsynPMS to distribute between purses, office desk drawers and the medicine cabinet at home is therefore a worthwhile investment!