Ways to Cure PMS

Women and PMSThere is no PMS cure. This is the bad news. The good is that there is a cure for the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). As a condition with a spectrum of symptoms, PMS itself can't be cured, but PMS symptoms can be managed and treated effectively such that the impact of PMS on your life every month is kept to a minimum. A cure for PMS symptoms starts right at home with minor modifications to the things you do as part of your daily routine. Making sure you get plenty of sleep, regular exercise and fresh air are common sense cures not just for many PMS symptoms, but for all sorts of minor conditions. Eating healthily (with the odd helping of medicinal candy or chocolate thrown in for good measure) and keeping up optimal vitamin and mineral levels can also cure many PMS symptoms, both emotional and physical, as can herbal supplements and formulas.

For a cure for PMS pains aches and cramps, try hot baths and showers, massage and hot water bottles. Failing that, over the counter pain medicine should provide a pain cure. Your doctor or OB/GYN specialist can provide additional help and support as a means to cure more severe PMS symptoms. They can prescribe diuretics to help cure PMS water retention and bloating. For more severe psychological and emotionalPMS symptoms of PMS, anti-depressant medication can be prescribed in an attempt to cure depression and anxiety. Getting to the root of the PMS problem and some might say the closest thing to a cure, is hormone manipulation through hormone based therapies such as combination birth control pills and GnRH agonists.

Although a PMS cure may not be possible, there are abundant choices for all women in terms of effective treatments for almost every PMS symptom. Surely the next best thing!