PMS: Irritable Male Syndrome!

Male and PMS

For any man, PMS can be a terrifying and puzzling phenomenon. Aman is lucky enough not to have to suffer PMS (and honestly, could he cope if he did?), but a man often has to cope with the full fury of PMS when it strikes the women in their life every month. A man's experience of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is pretty much of being in the line of fire of any one or more of the wealth of PMS symptoms that their wife, partner, boss, mother or secretary may suffer every month!

A man can never understand (and how lucky they are!) the physical symptoms of PMS, (except for having to fill the hot water bottle and running out to the drug store for more pain pills). Nonetheless, it's the man who, during PMS, has to deal with the woman in his life morphing into a totally different person from her balanced, rational, goddess-like, planet-running self for a few days each month. PMS tantrums, tears, irrational behavior and mood swings can terrify any man! It's important that a man realizes its not him and to not take PMS behavior personally! A woman with PMS simply can't help it!

A man's understanding of his other half's PMS is likely to be pretty poor (no stereotyping or sexism intended). Perhaps it's time for man-orientedPMS education, a heads-up as to what and when PMS is all about and a little more openness so that they have more of an insight into what has to be every woman's least favorite time of the month. Giving a man more information and specifics of his partner's PMS symptoms and experiences and access to calendars and planners so that he has plenty of warning as to when PMS is likely to strike will mean that he's much more likely to provide the necessary support, understanding, sympathy and candy for his other half during PMS!