PMS Tracker

The PMS tracker is both functional and fun. Wouldn't it be nice to be notified when the women in your life have PMS? Well, PMS tracker lets you find out and tells you on which days PMS is going to strike each month. PMS Tracker also provides help in surviving it: mostly with humor!

PMS tracker divides PMS into three distinct phases, manic, rage and bloated. PMS tracker warns you when each is due to begin, tells you which warning signs to look out for in each of the three phases and gives you humorous and practical survival tips.

PMS tracker is designed to help women, but also the men in their life. PMS tracker is aimed at letting both parties in a relationship know what to expect from PMS and more importantly, when to expect it.

PMS tracker has been featured in local and national press, numerous glossy magazines (mostly men's magazines) and on numerous radio shows. PMS tracker is set according to your cycle, rather like a calendar in dial form. Unlike the computer based, PMS Tracker is a more portable, manual device. As the monthly cycle progresses, the inner wheel in the PMS tracker device rotates to track the date that PMS should begin each month and which of the three phases you should be experiencing. As it moves along, PMS tracker indicates advice that might help during each stage in the cycle.

At the beginning of each month, PMS tracker is set by rotating the inner dial back the appropriate number of days and the 1st SCOWL arrow will be pointing to the day PMS should begin, giving you plenty of warning.